Here are some other blogs you might find interesting, some related, some simply well put together: (in french) – the site for new discoveries in Black Sea archaeology. – the YouTube channel of the Caucasus Through Time Network, a newly established group that runs some excellent workshops dedicated to the region. – a wonderful and exciting group of doctoral researchers of which I am proud to be a part. – a throughly researched and engrossing history of England’s second city. – a dazzling investigation of silent movie filming locations: a true detective project. – the blog of my friend Dr Van Straten, an academic based in London and Oxford who specialises in German literature. – the blog of my friend Dr Brinkmann, a Philosophy academic currently based in Germany. – the YouTube channel of my friend Mr Knight, who under the alias ‘Dystopia Junkie’, makes some excellent teaching aids and revision material for GCSE students in English Literature.